Ridgways Concrete and Gifts 

             Ornamental Concrete is our Specialty


                       Wholesale                                      Retail

               Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm              Monday - Friday 8am - 4:45pm

               Saturday 8am - 12pm                      Saturday  8am - 3pm   


            Welcome wholesale and retail customers to Ridgways Concrete

            and Gifts, Inc., a family owned and operated business.  See over 

            1,500 different items both our own uniquely hand sculpted, 

            copyrighted statues and the old time-tested sculptures.  All

            concrete items can be purchased painted or unpainted.  The painted 

           items are all hand painted and can be painted to your specifications.

               Ridgways have 58 years experience in the concrete industry, with 

            the last 20 years dedicated completely to ornamental concrete.

            We take pride in our quality product and reasonable prices.

               We are members of the Portland Area Chamber of Commerce

             and are members of the Ornamental Concrete Producers Association.

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